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About PassLok

PassLok is a free app that provides simple, highly secure encryption for text and files. There are two flavors of PassLok:

PassLok Privacy: a standalone app that runs on any device and is independent of any other app. In addition to the web app, there are versions for Chrome, Firefox, and Android

PassLok for Email: a Chrome and Firefox extension that integrates PassLok functions into popular webmail clients. Currently it is at beta stage and supports Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook online.

Both are 100% client-based, which means that there is no server holding your private data. Both include at least two modes: regular and self-destruct.

PassLok is based on NaCl, a fast, modern, highly secure encryption engine. Because of this, PassLok is the easiest to use, most powerful email encryption app in the market.

Get PassLok

You can download PassLok Privacy for free at these places:

Web app Chrome Firefox Android

PassLok for Email is available from the Chrome and Firefox stores:

Chrome extension Firefox extension


Feel free to email us to provide some feedback on PassLok, give us suggestions for new enhancements, or to just say hello!

If you are looking for more Information or want to look at the code, here are a few links for you:

To learn how to use the standalone version of PassLok, you can follow the button below. PassLok for Email hardly needs any training at all.

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