Hello! You're looking at a fully functional instance of PassLok running within a frame served from passlok.com. If the page shows a mostly white screen with some instructions, this means that this is the first time that PassLok runs on this machine and that you should stay on this page of Learn PassLok until you have chosen a Key. If you have already done this, go to the next lesson.

Near the bottom of the screen is a button that will load a three-minute YouTube video if you click it. We recommend that you watch it, since it introduces the essential concepts in a lighthearted way. Those concepts are used in the lessons in this page.

Whether or not you watch the video, you have two options:

    1. Click Exit, which will take you directly to the Main screen without creating a user. Nothing will be stored between sessions.
    2. Click Next, and then you will be asked, in three successive screens, to provide a user name, a secret Key, and an optional email or token.
  1. And this is what the different screens you see when you click Next do:
  2. 1. The purpose of the user name is to identify the data that you may end up storing during the session, so you can find it again when you return. You can use your own name or a fake name, but you must provide a name or you won't be able to complete the process.
  3. 2. The Key is what opens everything in PassLok. It should be hard to guess but easy to remember. PassLok is not going to store it, yet everything depends on it. As you type your Key, a message above it will tell you how strong it seems to be. PassLok compensates for bad Keys by making everything very slow, so it is to your advantage to spend some time until you can come up with at least a Medium Key.
  4. 3. The third box is to enter your email or whatever else you want (we'll call it "email" from now on, even if it is something else). It does not need to be secret but it should be a piece of data that identifies you only, in order to prevent hackers from making a catalog of ready-made Keys. If you want ironclad security, you can enter a random token (there is button to make one). Unlike the Key, PassLok stores this piece of data, so that you don't have to enter it again, but then you may find yourself dependent on this particular machine. If you want to use this standalone PassLok app in conjunction with PassLok for Email, it is best if you enter here your real email address.
  5. 4. The final screen offers a few final instructions, plus the opportunity to send your newly-minted Lock by email, just by checking a box. This is a good idea, since your friends need to have your Lock before they can send you encrypted messages.

Here's the three-minute video button, in case you want to watch it again (will open on a new tab). The button with the arrow will take you to the first lesson on Locks.